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London Borough of Croydon: School catering - Schools in the Central Contract

How is the catering in your school? Complaints form.

London Borough of Croydon: School catering - Schools in the Central Contract: "Schools in Croydon that are in the central contract

Most schools in Croydon have their school meals provided by Eden Foodservice through a contract organised by the council."

If you have had problems with the catering for your children particularly if related to your kid's health we'd love to hear from you.

Or if you are a pupil at one of the following schools we'd love to hear your complaints and praises too.

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Primary schools

All Saints Infant School
All Saints Junior School
Ashburton Infant School
Ashburton Junior School
Atwood Primary School
Beaumont Primary School
Benson Primary School
Beulah Infant School
Beulah Junior School
Broadmead Infant School
Broadmead Junior School
Byron Primary School
Castle Hill Primary School
Chipstead Valley Primary School
Christ Church Primary School
Coulsdon Primary School
Courtwood Primary School
Cypress Infants School
Cypress Junior School
David Livingstone Primary School
Davidson Primary School
Downsview Primary School
Duppas Junior School
Ecclesbourne Infant school
Ecclesbourne Junior School
Elmwood Infant School
Elmwood Junior School
Forestdale Primary School
Gilbert Scott Primary School
Gonville Primary School
Good Shepherd Primary School
Greenvale Primary School
Gresham Primary School
Heavers Farm Primary School
Howard Primary School
Kenley Primary School
Kensington Avenue Primary School
Keston Primary School
Kingsley Primary School
Margaret Roper Primary School
Monks Orchard Primary School
Norbury Manor Primary School
Orchard Way Primary School
Oval Primary School
Parish Church Infant School
Parish Church Junior School
Park Hill Infant School
Park Hill Junior School
Purley Oaks Primary School
Regina Coeli Primary School
Rockmount Primary School
Roke Primary School
Rowdown Primary School
Ryelands Primary School
Smitham Primary School
South Norwood Primary School
St Chad's Primary School
St Cyprian's Primary School
St John's Primary School
St Joseph's Infant School
St Joseph's Junior School
St Mark's Primary School
St Mary's Infant School
St Mary's Junior School
St Peter's Primary School
St Thomas Becket Primary School
The Hayes Primary School
The Wattenden Primary School
Waddon Infant School
West Thornton Primary School
Whitehorse Manor Infant School
Whitehorse Manor Junior School
Winterbourne Infant School
Winterbourne Junior Boys School
Winterbourne Junior Girls School
Woodcote Primary School
Woodside Infant School
Woodside Junior School
Special schools and pupil referral units

Bensham Manor School
Bridge to School Pupil Referral Unit
St Giles School
St Nicholas School
Beckmead School
Red Gates School
Priory School
Coningsby Centre Pupil Referral Unit
Moving on Pupil Referral Unit
Phil Edwards Pupil Referral Unit
Victoria House Pupil Referral Unit
Secondary schools

Archbishop Tenison's High School
Coloma Convent Girls' School
Selsdon High School
St Andrew's High School
St Joseph's College
St Mary's High School

BBC News - Panorama - The hunt for healthy food for children

BBC News - Panorama - The hunt for healthy food for children

annabel Karmel - wolf in sheep clothingGreat expose of kiddie food guru Annabel Karmel and manufacturers duping parents on child nutrition.

Was very interested in Cow & Gates response in their defense of the high sugar (Lactose) follow on milk. They said that children's high protein diets have been shown to be linked to obesity in later life.


We searched for the research. What the research actually reveals is that high meat and cheese diets lead to increased risk of obesity. The research certainly doesn't justify replacing saturated animal fat with sugar as a route to health. This is unforgivably misleading and irresponsible BAD SCIENCE - Dr Ben Goldacre? where are you when there's a REAL crime being committed???

Early protein intake and later obesity risk

Anke LB G√ľnther, Thomas Remer, Anja Kroke and Anette E Buyken

1 From the Research Institute of Child Nutrition, Affiliated Institute of the University of Bonn, Dortmund, Germany (ALBG, AEB, and TR), and the Department of Nutrition, Food and Consumer Sciences, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Fulda, Germany (AK)

Results: The ages of 12 mo and 5-6 y were identified as critical ages at which higher total and animal, but not vegetable, protein intakes were positively related to later body fatness. In fully adjusted models, animal protein intake at 12 mo was associated with BF% at 7 y as follows [x (95% CI) BF%]: T1, 16.20 (15.23, 17.25); T2, 17.21 (16.24, 18.23); T3, 18.21 (17.12, 19.15); P for trend = 0.008. With respect to food groups, dairy, but not meat or cereal protein intake, at 12 mo was related to BF% at 7 y (P for trend = 0.07). Animal protein at 5-6 y yielded similar results (P for trend = 0.01), but food group associations were less consistent.

Conclusion: A higher animal, especially dairy, protein intake at 12 mo may be associated with an unfavorable body composition at 7 y. The age of 5-6 y might represent another critical period of protein intake for later obesity risk.

For independent expert advice on healthy children's diet please seek a qualified, professional and experienced nutritionist such as Yvonne Bishop-Weston at Foods for Life