Monday, 22 March 2010

More Seaweed Needed in Croydon?

Seaweed fights obesity, researchers in Newcastle claim

Listening to BBC radio and TV today you'd think Croydon's obesity problems could be solved by sprinkling seaweed on Croydon's fast food diet of fried chicken, pizzas , chips and burgers.

Newcastle University researchers found alginate - a fibre found in sea kelp - reduces the body's fat uptake by more than 75%. That is better than most anti-obesity treatments.

However top uk nutritionist, Croydon based Yvonne Bishop-Weston said today "Seaweed does have many useful nutrients and many of those are good for weight loss but their idea of adding seaweed to the foods responsible at the root of high obesity rates is counter productive. White bread and biscuits full of trans fats and sugar will still be anti- nutritional with added seaweed or not."

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Nestlé Killer - Give the orang-utan a break | Greenpeace UK

Nestlé Killer - Give the orang-utan a break | Greenpeace UK

Nestle got the Greenpeace treatment in Croydon Today. They climbed up above reception, hung a massive banner and filled the streets with orangutangs with placards.

No wonder. The new Fairtrade sticker on Kit Kat hides the fact that Nestle is anything but fair to the Rainforest and the Orangutans that live there. The Palm Oil Nestle use is responsible for massive devastation.

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