Friday, 22 October 2010

Excessive meat-eating 'kills 45,000 each year' - Health News, Health & Families - The Independent

More statistics on why a 5 a Day Day would make sense, save money, save the planet and save lives.

This time from Oxford University in The Independent

Excessive meat-eating 'kills 45,000 each year' - Health News, Health & Families - The Independent: "Oxford University's heart unit analysed the health consequences of a range of diets, concluding that eating meat no more than three times a week would prevent 31,000 deaths from heart disease, 9,000 deaths from cancer and 5,000 deaths from strokes each year, saving the NHS £1.2bn."

Whilst Croydon Council turns a blind eye, people are dying, kids are becoming chronically ill.

Monday, 4 October 2010

mechanically reclaimed chicken

Say hello to mechanically separated chicken. It’s...: Meat the truth - those delicious chicken nuggets are made of this - hungry? KFC = Kak Freakin Crap? Kreepy Frankenstein Chooks?
Yum Yum Yum - NOT!

Interesting piece on transition town food here - New Forest Food by Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Child Nutrition Act USA

Child Nutrition Act USA: More effort to give children a healthier start in life; legislation to improve healthy options for school children. If you know anyone in the USA please forward to them ASAP to try to stop the senate from watering this legislation down to another worthless 'could do'.

Elizabeth Kucinich, Director of Public and Government Affairs in PCRM, has published this message today: Congress is on the verge of voting for a new Child Nutrition Act, and we’ve received word that an excellent House version of the bill, which would allow more children to have access to healthful plant-based options, may be rejected for a much weaker, stripped-down Senate version. This Senate version will make it harder for children to choose healthy food options in the cafeteria. Our chance to improve school lunches across the nation lies in the hands of Congress today! Please urge key leaders in the House to pass the superior House bill, H.R. 5504, and reject the Senate’s bill, S. 3307.

Please follow this link ASAP to send an email, or for more info:

The health of America's children is declining rapidly, with millions afflicted by obesity and at high risk for adult diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. These children, many of whom get more than half of their daily calories in the school lunch line, are not given the opportunity to choose healthier food or learn good eating habits at school. Urge Congress to help provide students more plant-based options in the federally funded school lunch and school breakfast programs. Please support H.R. 5504, The Improving Nutrition for America's Children Act of 2010, to give students the healthy school lunches that they deserve.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Fruits & Veggies More Matters

Fruits & Veggies More Matters: More logic and sense this time from the Produce for Better Health Foundation or PBHF.

Wake up Croydon Council ! Wake up Croydon PCT ! Yo hello Headmasters of Croydon Schools and education trusts.

The status quo is suicide - inaction is not acceptable - what are you going to do ?

Most Americans still aren’t eating enough vegetables, and fruit consumption has dropped slightly, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report. Researchers found that last year about one-third of U.S. adults consumed fruit or fruit juice at least twice a day, down slightly from more than 34 percent in 2000. About 26 percent of Americans ate vegetables three or more times a day, the same results as reported in 2000.
California had the highest consumption rate for fruit, Oklahoma had the lowest.  The state with the highest consumption rate for vegetables was Tennessee, and South Dakota had the lowest of any state. No state, however, met the Healthy People 2010 targets as set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  The goals for fruit and vegetable consumption under this initiative are for three-quarters of adults to consume two or more fruit servings and for half of adults to consume three or more vegetable servings each day.
Eating a colorful variety of fresh, frozen, canned, and dried fruits and vegetables (including 100% juice) is an easy and positive step in helping to lead a healthy life.

The UK and particularly Croydon need to take a lead on this to avoid even more damning figures on Croydon's state of ill health 

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Meat Free Monday Early day motion

Early day Motion - for meat free monday

Early Day Motion


Leech, John
That this House acknowledges UN figures which suggest that meat production is responsible for approximately 18 per cent. of global carbon emissions; further acknowledges that methane, emitted by cows and pigs, is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas; recognises that across the UK 1 million tonnes of beef, 1.3 million tonnes of pork and 1.8 million tonnes of poultry are consumed every year; further recognises that this level of meat consumption is detrimental to the health of the nation and increasingly to the public purse; further recognises that global meat production is forecast to almost double to 456 million tonnes in 2050 compared to 2001 levels; believes that current meat consumption levels are unsustainable if the Climate Change Act 2008 is to be successfully implemented tohelp the UK fight against climate change; calls for a shift towards less meat-oriented diets nationally; further recognises that meat-free Mondays would help to promote this; and furtherbelieves that Parliament should set an example by supporting meat-free Mondays in all cafeterias in the Houses of Parliament.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Nestle's Obesity Summer Swindle

Nestle's Obesity Summer Swindle: so is Nestle in Croydon conning the Nation with it's get set go free campaign?

Will the calories you have to eat to get the tokens over shadow the calories you could burn from doing the activity?

Will it be a net weight gain or net weight loss?

More childhood obesity or less?

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Boris Mayor of London Rd Kidnapped!

DAD'S TIME PLAY GROUP: - Boris, The Mayor of London Road Croydon is kidnapped and finally lost for words as he hops on and off a London bus to take a tour or the dads time family toddler activity play group in Croydon set up specifically to support dads and their children.


The government want people back to work at the same time as threatening to reduce child care and activity centres such as dads time. It's vital for social equity and development that dad's have a place to go with their kids. Research available from the Pre School Learning Alliance shows a number of benefits for children who have a stable and empowering relationship with their fathers that benefit society and community immensely.

Projects such as dadstime are vital for children's emotional, educational and physical well-being as well as impacting on health and nutrition and general social development.

Mobile Phone Version Boris Goes to Dadstime

Monday, 7 June 2010

Croydon - whats on- Events & kids Activities

DAD'S TIME PLAY GROUP - Events & Activities

What's on? a family fun day event at Wandle Park Waddon in Croydon by Wandle park tram stop

When ? 19th June 12 - 4pm

Who will be there? kids Childrens TV celebrity Dave Benson Phillips and a few pirates, a story teller, circus stuff

See also
Net Mums

Monday, 24 May 2010

What's On Bank Holiday Weekend Event

What's On Festival Event Bank Holiday Weekend

Get out of the city ! Bristol is only a few hours away, hop on a train and walk across the river to the harbourside for the best value fun this summer.

Bristol Bank Holiday Weekend What's On Event Festival for all the Family: Last chance to buy tickets online and save yourself money on the gate ticket price.

Tell your friends, facebook, email, twitter and meet up this Bank Holiday weekend in Bristol - for the world's most fun, environmentally friendly green 100% vegetarian Vegan food and music festival. Something for everyone from kids to senior citizens and the Bristol Massive in between. Eco Veggie Fayre

Friday, 23 April 2010

Croydon Conservatives Threaten Health

Revealed: London Green Party reveal Croydon incinerator to include radioactive and toxic waste

conservatives plan to turn CROYDON Into massive rubbish dump ... on Twitpic Following a catalogue of profit first people second decisions Croydon's Conservative led Council now plan to turn Croydon into a massive rubbish dump for the south of London at a cost of £1 Billion and and even greater cost to the environment, amenity and health of the borough.


The Croydon Green Party have uncovered the Tory plans to scupper plans for better recycling by building a facility that will have to import lorry loads of rubbish and waste from London and surrounding areas to make it viable.

It will require a constant supply to feed it thus disincentivising recycling efforts.

Ill Health

The Croydon Green Party have identified a number of threats to Croydon resident's health - this is catastrophic news for a borough that has already been named and shamed as the unhealthiest in London.

It is further evidence of the Conservatives total disregard for optimum health in Croydon.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

World Vegetarian And Vegan News: Council tried to seize ‘veggie’ child

Council tried to seize ‘veggie’ child

Whoa! We think things are bad in Croydon with our Burger King sponsored Mayday NHS Hospital

In Lewisham they are persecuting people for deciding not to eat meat and dairy! Looks like they'll soon be the unhealthiest borough in London if they scare residents into not eating fruit and vegetables.

The family they threatened and refused legal aid to were not even vegan or vegetarian - they all ate fish.

The vegan families in Lewisham must be petrified they will have the Lewisham Health and Social Services mafia banging down their doors for eating too many fruits and vegtables any day now.

Lewisham Council quite rightly awarded a 'Twonk of the Week' award by the Pirates of The Carob Bean for such blatant professional incompetance.

More on the London Nutritionist Blog

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

London Nutritionist on 5 a Day

Nutritionist London - Diet Advice

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston today hit out at Croydon Tory Council

"I really can't understand why Croydon Council wouldn't want to jump at the chance to implement this. Having a weekly focus on 5 a Day is a total no brainer. Surely only eating more of the foods we typically don't get enough of in modern diets for one day a week is logical enough even for a conservative councillor to get their head around."

"It's cost effective, it's easy, it's healthy, it's sustainable, it's inexpensive, it's positive"

Yvonne reveals that only response from the Croydon health administration so far is that they couldn't endorse or recommend restricted diets. Apparently a days focus on plant foods would be classed as a restricted diet.

Tony Bishop-Weston author of "The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking" says "The restricted diet excuse is complete nonesense, a red herring, caterers work on a 1-3 week rota and have to get minimum levels of key nutrients included in a set period. Nowhere does it say you must include saturated animal fat laden protein, processed nutrient deficient carbohydrates, and fibre free food every day of the school week."

If Croydon wants to shake off it's label of the unhealthiest borough in London and reduce childhood obesity and rising rates of diabetes then they have to start taking more responsibility for practical health education in the borough and being more proactive rather than leaving it to Rentokil (Eden Foods) to profitably defend the school dinner status quo.

Healthy School Lunches / Scarlett Johansson Urges Congress to Pass Healthy School Meals Act

Healthy School Lunches / Scarlett Johansson Urges Congress to Pass Healthy School Meals Act

Scarlett Johansson has recently sent a request to Congress to add more fruits, vegetables, and healthy meal options to school lunchrooms.

This is great news that a greater focus has been put on the next generation to avoid our health mistakes and get our school kids to learn healthy habits.

Johansson has written a letter to Congress urging support for the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010, H.R. 4870, which was introduced on March 18 by Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado. The bill would reward school districts for offering plant-based vegetarian options and healthful nondairy beverages.
“I’ve been involved with efforts to feed hungry children for years,” writes Scarlet. “Millions of families in America rely on subsidized school lunches, and these meals are absolutely crucial to children’s well-being.”

Scartlett Johansson stars in The Other Boleyn Girl and Lost in Translation.

Lets hope that the new Croydon Council is inspired by these new initiatives and the Meat Free Monday Campaign to adopt our campaign for 5 a Day Days in Croydon Schools and Hospitals.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Croydon Green Party - A real alternative for Croydon

Croydon Green Party - A real alternative for Croydon

You've seen what Red and Blue can do - what would making Croydon Green do?

The certainly will do everything in their power to stop conservative council plans to turn Croydon into a massive Rubbish Collection Centre for South London coming to fruition. Croydon Green Party estimates 50,000 truck journeys of rubbish per year, and that's just the beginning.

Yum yum yum - an incinerator is expected to pump nano toxic particles into the air for Croydon's school children to breathe in.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

San Francisco Beats Croydon in Meat Free Monday Race

Meat Free Mondays in San Francisco

Now Croydon drops behind San Francisco in the race to promote 5 a day healthy diets through Sir Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday Campaign

The predominantly conservative Tory led stick in the mud Croydon council still continues to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to a healthier, more sustainable Croydon, lagging behind even the sausage eating Belgium town of Ghent in the race to support Sir Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday Campaign

They say enough is being done. Clearly not though as Croydon is designated as one of the unhealthiest boroughs in London with discraceful rates of childhood obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Please write to your councillors and urge them to push for a 5 a day day every week in schools and council offices and hospitals.

Vote for a new councillor is is committed to improving health and sustainability in Croydon

Thursday, 1 April 2010

PM to Make Meat Free Monday Compulsory

PM Gordon Brown Meat Free Monday Plans to Woo Green Voters

1st April 2010

In a last ditch effort to avoid a hung parliament with the Green Party holding the balance of power The Prime Minister Gordon Brown is apparently discussing making Meat Free Mondays compulsory in schools and hospitals

Monday, 22 March 2010

More Seaweed Needed in Croydon?

Seaweed fights obesity, researchers in Newcastle claim

Listening to BBC radio and TV today you'd think Croydon's obesity problems could be solved by sprinkling seaweed on Croydon's fast food diet of fried chicken, pizzas , chips and burgers.

Newcastle University researchers found alginate - a fibre found in sea kelp - reduces the body's fat uptake by more than 75%. That is better than most anti-obesity treatments.

However top uk nutritionist, Croydon based Yvonne Bishop-Weston said today "Seaweed does have many useful nutrients and many of those are good for weight loss but their idea of adding seaweed to the foods responsible at the root of high obesity rates is counter productive. White bread and biscuits full of trans fats and sugar will still be anti- nutritional with added seaweed or not."

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Nestlé Killer - Give the orang-utan a break | Greenpeace UK

Nestlé Killer - Give the orang-utan a break | Greenpeace UK

Nestle got the Greenpeace treatment in Croydon Today. They climbed up above reception, hung a massive banner and filled the streets with orangutangs with placards.

No wonder. The new Fairtrade sticker on Kit Kat hides the fact that Nestle is anything but fair to the Rainforest and the Orangutans that live there. The Palm Oil Nestle use is responsible for massive devastation.

See also Nestle , Croydon

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Decade of spending on health messages 'has had little effect' - Health News, Health & Families - The Independent

Decade of spending on health messages 'has had little effect' - Health News, Health & Families - The Independent
People are eating as badly as they were 10 years ago despite the spending of hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money on advertsing campaigns on fruit and vegetables, saturated fat and other health issues, the Government’s food watchdog admitted yesterday.
In a nationwide nutrition survey, the Food Standards Agency found that the majority of people were still eating too many processed foods and sweets and not enough oily fish and fresh fruit and vegetables. Adults ate twice as much sausages as white fish, and boys almost equalled their consumption of salad and other raw vegetables with chocolate. Teenagers ate five times as much white as wholemeal bread.
The survey suggests that the Government has made little headway in reducing the diet-related ill-health, which the Cabinet Office estimated last year costs 70,000 lives and £6billion to the NHS annually.
Richard Watts of Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming said: “After 10 years of largely small, weak or voluntary initiatives, like Change4Life, we have seen little improvement in the nation's diet.
“Where the government has introduced tough rules, such as improving school food, genuine progress has been made but unless we really challenge our 'obeseogenic' culture by doing things like introducing proper protections from junk food marketing, these worrying trends will continue.”
Leading UK Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life says "It's a little early to be saying that the Change4Life campaign has failed but there's no doubt government needs to dramatically rethink the issue of holistic preventative health measures to save the NHS from collapsing into a black hole"

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

London Borough of Croydon: School catering - Schools in the Central Contract

How is the catering in your school? Complaints form.

London Borough of Croydon: School catering - Schools in the Central Contract: "Schools in Croydon that are in the central contract

Most schools in Croydon have their school meals provided by Eden Foodservice through a contract organised by the council."

If you have had problems with the catering for your children particularly if related to your kid's health we'd love to hear from you.

Or if you are a pupil at one of the following schools we'd love to hear your complaints and praises too.

Please leave comments below

Primary schools

All Saints Infant School
All Saints Junior School
Ashburton Infant School
Ashburton Junior School
Atwood Primary School
Beaumont Primary School
Benson Primary School
Beulah Infant School
Beulah Junior School
Broadmead Infant School
Broadmead Junior School
Byron Primary School
Castle Hill Primary School
Chipstead Valley Primary School
Christ Church Primary School
Coulsdon Primary School
Courtwood Primary School
Cypress Infants School
Cypress Junior School
David Livingstone Primary School
Davidson Primary School
Downsview Primary School
Duppas Junior School
Ecclesbourne Infant school
Ecclesbourne Junior School
Elmwood Infant School
Elmwood Junior School
Forestdale Primary School
Gilbert Scott Primary School
Gonville Primary School
Good Shepherd Primary School
Greenvale Primary School
Gresham Primary School
Heavers Farm Primary School
Howard Primary School
Kenley Primary School
Kensington Avenue Primary School
Keston Primary School
Kingsley Primary School
Margaret Roper Primary School
Monks Orchard Primary School
Norbury Manor Primary School
Orchard Way Primary School
Oval Primary School
Parish Church Infant School
Parish Church Junior School
Park Hill Infant School
Park Hill Junior School
Purley Oaks Primary School
Regina Coeli Primary School
Rockmount Primary School
Roke Primary School
Rowdown Primary School
Ryelands Primary School
Smitham Primary School
South Norwood Primary School
St Chad's Primary School
St Cyprian's Primary School
St John's Primary School
St Joseph's Infant School
St Joseph's Junior School
St Mark's Primary School
St Mary's Infant School
St Mary's Junior School
St Peter's Primary School
St Thomas Becket Primary School
The Hayes Primary School
The Wattenden Primary School
Waddon Infant School
West Thornton Primary School
Whitehorse Manor Infant School
Whitehorse Manor Junior School
Winterbourne Infant School
Winterbourne Junior Boys School
Winterbourne Junior Girls School
Woodcote Primary School
Woodside Infant School
Woodside Junior School
Special schools and pupil referral units

Bensham Manor School
Bridge to School Pupil Referral Unit
St Giles School
St Nicholas School
Beckmead School
Red Gates School
Priory School
Coningsby Centre Pupil Referral Unit
Moving on Pupil Referral Unit
Phil Edwards Pupil Referral Unit
Victoria House Pupil Referral Unit
Secondary schools

Archbishop Tenison's High School
Coloma Convent Girls' School
Selsdon High School
St Andrew's High School
St Joseph's College
St Mary's High School

BBC News - Panorama - The hunt for healthy food for children

BBC News - Panorama - The hunt for healthy food for children

annabel Karmel - wolf in sheep clothingGreat expose of kiddie food guru Annabel Karmel and manufacturers duping parents on child nutrition.

Was very interested in Cow & Gates response in their defense of the high sugar (Lactose) follow on milk. They said that children's high protein diets have been shown to be linked to obesity in later life.


We searched for the research. What the research actually reveals is that high meat and cheese diets lead to increased risk of obesity. The research certainly doesn't justify replacing saturated animal fat with sugar as a route to health. This is unforgivably misleading and irresponsible BAD SCIENCE - Dr Ben Goldacre? where are you when there's a REAL crime being committed???

Early protein intake and later obesity risk

Anke LB Günther, Thomas Remer, Anja Kroke and Anette E Buyken

1 From the Research Institute of Child Nutrition, Affiliated Institute of the University of Bonn, Dortmund, Germany (ALBG, AEB, and TR), and the Department of Nutrition, Food and Consumer Sciences, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Fulda, Germany (AK)

Results: The ages of 12 mo and 5-6 y were identified as critical ages at which higher total and animal, but not vegetable, protein intakes were positively related to later body fatness. In fully adjusted models, animal protein intake at 12 mo was associated with BF% at 7 y as follows [x (95% CI) BF%]: T1, 16.20 (15.23, 17.25); T2, 17.21 (16.24, 18.23); T3, 18.21 (17.12, 19.15); P for trend = 0.008. With respect to food groups, dairy, but not meat or cereal protein intake, at 12 mo was related to BF% at 7 y (P for trend = 0.07). Animal protein at 5-6 y yielded similar results (P for trend = 0.01), but food group associations were less consistent.

Conclusion: A higher animal, especially dairy, protein intake at 12 mo may be associated with an unfavorable body composition at 7 y. The age of 5-6 y might represent another critical period of protein intake for later obesity risk.

For independent expert advice on healthy children's diet please seek a qualified, professional and experienced nutritionist such as Yvonne Bishop-Weston at Foods for Life