Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Croydon Mums May Suffer Misleading Health Claims Until Autumn

BHS Annabel Karmel - Healthy Meals for Kids ??

Healthy Meals for Kids?

British Home Store BHS have been adverstising Annabel Karmel meals as healthy meals for kids report the Daily Mail. These meals include sausage and chips, nugget and chips and burger and chips - processed meats, that the govt says needs to be drastically cut down on because of a an increased risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

The Croydon Food Safety Officer was recently able to get agreement from British Home Stores and Annabel Karmel to remove misleading claims about Healthy Meals for Kids, but not until after the school summer holidays were over.

Meanwhile BHS British Home Stores in Hampshire will now stop misleading claims about Annabel Karmel Healthy Meals for Kids immediately thanks to Hampshire Trading Standards who challenged them on burger, nuggets, sausages and chips and jam sandwiches in white bread wrongly advertised as 'Healthy Meals for Kids'
Other areas in the UK including Croydon may be misled for the rest of the school summer holidays for a 2nd year running.

Croydon  Nutritionist and author Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "It's great that Croydon Trading Standards have got agreement from BHS to remove these signs but sad that BHS are dragging their heels outside Hampshire and feel unable to provide healthy alternatives for frustrated mums trying to feed their kids healthier alternatives."

Mystery shopper Johannes Bishop-Weston, age 7, said that the BHS Annabel Karmel pasta dish and chocolate ice cream was quite nice but 'wasn't a healthy meal for kids'. "We are supposed to have at least 5 a day that means at least two portions of veg with each main meal"

1 Tbsp of veg with ice cream + sugary drink

Yvonne Bishop-Weston will be appearing at Vegfest UK London ( http://www.london.vegfest.co.uk ) on Oct 5th and 6th talking about Healthy Meals for Kids.