Wednesday, 14 April 2010

London Nutritionist on 5 a Day

Nutritionist London - Diet Advice

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston today hit out at Croydon Tory Council

"I really can't understand why Croydon Council wouldn't want to jump at the chance to implement this. Having a weekly focus on 5 a Day is a total no brainer. Surely only eating more of the foods we typically don't get enough of in modern diets for one day a week is logical enough even for a conservative councillor to get their head around."

"It's cost effective, it's easy, it's healthy, it's sustainable, it's inexpensive, it's positive"

Yvonne reveals that only response from the Croydon health administration so far is that they couldn't endorse or recommend restricted diets. Apparently a days focus on plant foods would be classed as a restricted diet.

Tony Bishop-Weston author of "The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking" says "The restricted diet excuse is complete nonesense, a red herring, caterers work on a 1-3 week rota and have to get minimum levels of key nutrients included in a set period. Nowhere does it say you must include saturated animal fat laden protein, processed nutrient deficient carbohydrates, and fibre free food every day of the school week."

If Croydon wants to shake off it's label of the unhealthiest borough in London and reduce childhood obesity and rising rates of diabetes then they have to start taking more responsibility for practical health education in the borough and being more proactive rather than leaving it to Rentokil (Eden Foods) to profitably defend the school dinner status quo.

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