Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Meatless Monday : Meat Free Monday Goes Global

Meatless Monday : Meat Free Monday Goes Global

Meat Free Monday Campaigns are popping up all over the world - no wonder, one meatless day a week makes sense not just for a community's health but also for our environment struggling to cope with climate change. The trend was kicked off by the city of Ghent in Belgium

It makes sense - if we all focus on Croydon we can make our city a show-case instead of a lost case.

Meatless Mondays allegedly originated during World War I when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration urged families to avoid eating meat on Mondays to conserve food for the troops and feed starving populations in Europe. The program came back into play at the beginning of World War II because meat was being rationed, and it became a way for women at home to support the war effort.

No meat on a Friday is a big tradition in the UK originating from theCatholic Church and resulting in Friday as Fish and Chip shops busiest day. (Some people still think fish is vegetable)

Here's our pick of the bunch of support for Meat Free Days / Meat free Mondays

Meat Free Monday (Linda McCartney Products & The McCartney Family)

Meat Free Day Australia Aparently where Paul McCartney first heard of it but now in need of ressurection.

Meatless Monday Video - Meat Less Monday - Johns Hopkins University in USA - Bloomberg School of Public Health

Meat Free Mondays ( Good Life Foods sponsor this one.)

Meat Free Monday - Animal Aid's Pro-active Site

Meat Free Monday Taiwan
by the Society for the Advancement of Animal Wellbeing

Meat Free Monday Facebook - Animals Australia - Meatless Day Malaysia - Meat Free Day Belgium

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