Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Support for Croydon 5 A Day Day

Croydon - Whats that coming over the hill - is it a monster? Is it a Monster? The Croydon 5 a Day Day campaign is beginining to look that way.

Here's the latest supporters (Thanks to them all for their support)

Visitor Centre and east Croydon office of Croydon Bid

Croydon Friends of The Earth

Passion for The Planet Radio Station and London Leader Chantal Cooke

The 300 year Old Surrey Street Fruit and Vegetable Market

Solutions Health and Fitness Gym

Animal Aid

The Young Indian Vegetarians

The Vegetarian Society


Croydon Vegetarians and Croydon Vegans

Oasis Natural Products Croydon's independent Health Food Store

Jackie King Photographer

Geoff Francis - Artist


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