Thursday, 26 November 2009

GPs reject training to identify obese babies | News

GPs reject training to identify obese babies | News

It seems we shouldn't take it personally that apathetic GP's failed to turn up to meet Peter Gleave ( the 72 year old who has recently reversed his diabetes on a plant based diet) at our 5 a Day Day Launch 200 of them also snubbed the National Obesity Forum!
London doctors are failing to identify overweight children and could be increasing the risk of serious illness, an obesity expert warned today.
Almost 200 GPs failed to turn up for specialist training in a new method of measuring child growth designed to identify babies who are overweight and fast-track them into special diet programmes.
Tam Fry, from the National Obesity Forum, has made an official complaint to the Royal College of General Practitioners.
The Government's Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition ordered GPs to get extra training in using new charts to identify child growth patterns. More than 200 in Westminster were offered training but only 11 turned up to the sessions last week.
Mr Fry said: "I am disappointed with GPs and I am appalled they had this reaction. When it comes to children, which should be everyone's priority, there is no interest whatsoever."

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  1. Vegetables are what food eats. Who needs a diet when us fatlings have insulin.

    You sound like an Obama Commie trying to put our Godly medcial system out of business. Obesity is good for our economy.


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